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Market Research - Mapping the route to success

CMC Aust Marketing is a market research company providing answers to your questions about your market plan and future potential  - customer needs, market size, market segment, customer attitudes, customer satisfaction, branding, community consultation. We are committed to the highest standards in business and consumer research. Our senior market researcher is  Kate Fairweather Dip MRS, Dip CIM.


Market Research to meet your needs:

We offer business research, consumer surveys, community consultation and desk research.

Quantitative and qualitative surveys, Desk research, Community Liaison Panels.

Best and most cost effective methods for your market - telephone, postal, online, email, interviews, focus groups, panels.

Questionnaire design and sampling frame advice.

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Customer Case Studies:

Covanta Energy Community Liaison Panel

Covanta Energy were developing proposals for a large resource Recovery Facility in Bedfordshire and wanted to conduct a wide community consultation as part of their consultation programme. CMC Aust Marketing set up a Community Liaison Panel to provide a forum for people from all parts of the local community to ask questions about the proposals, to input on key aspects of the project and provide information to the community about the development plans. The Community Liaison Panel was recruited from local residents, parish councils, business groups, environmental organisations, sports clubs and action groups to represent the interests of as wide a proportion of the local community as possible. The Panel was independently chaired by Kate Fairweather, Senior Researcher at CMC Aust Marketing, and met every few months throughout the development of the planning application. This aspect of community consultation was highlighted by the application authority as best practice.

Vattenfall Community Attitude Survey

Vattenfall were planning to extend their off shore wind farm and commissioned CMC Aust Marketing in partnership with Quantum PR to complete a telephone attitude survey with a statistically reliable sample of people living in sight of the wind farm and therefore most affected by the extension. CMC Aust Marketing designed the questionnaire to find out how the local community felt about wind energy, if they had heard about the proposed extension, how they felt about the extension and what potential impacts on the local environment were of most importance to them. The results of the survey demonstrated that the local community is largely supportive of the wind farm and the extension proposal, however there was a minority that were unconvinced of the merits of wind energy and we recommended that more information should be provided to them.

Sandwich Town Action and Rural Revival (STARR) Initiative - Health Check and Funding Application

Sandwich in East Kent is a small market town. The town were advised that it could qualify for Kent Rural Towns funding (managed by Kent County Council for South East England Development Agency). To gain this funding the partnership of local authorities and local business and community organisations asked Kate Fairweather of CMCAust Marketing to help them complete a Market Town Health Check - a rigorous review of the economic, social, environmental and transport health of the area - and develop an Action Plan to deliver on priority issues. We used desk research to find out the key facts and figures, and completed business, household and youth research to develop a Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats analysis. We then worked with the partnership to hold consultations with all parts of the community on what they wanted to be fixed and produced the final Action Plan. Flowing from this came the opportunity to bid for 250,000 in funding to develop a rundown community centre to become the Phoenix Centre - a community and youth club for the whole town. We assisted the partnership to build the successful bid which then generated match funding to become a 1 million project. Both the Action Plan and Phoenix Project won awards from the Rural Towns scheme.

Eurobell Small Business Market Development

Eurobell had set up as a successful cable telephone service provider to households but wanted to test the market potential for small businesses. CMC Aust Marketing were asked to set up a telephone research project to test the potential market for the business. Using a local telemarketing agency, CMC Aust Marketing designed the questionnaires and drew a statistically reliable sample to call, analysed results and reported back to the company with potential sales forecasts. The response from small businesses was so strong that Eurobell set up their own telephone sales department to recruit this eager market sector.

South Kent College Brand Awareness Research

South Kent Further Education College wanted to test its branding among key groups at a time when both qualifications and funding were changing radically in order to determine future brand and marketing issues. CMC Aust Marketing ran a range of surveys within the overall project including telephone research with businesses and adults, postal and on-line questionnaires with school and college students, interviews with head teachers, careers advisors and lecturers. The results produced gave the College a clear idea of awareness of its brand, what that brand means to people and its local strength as a brand among the range of options on offer to potential students. 

Mole Valley Council Recycling Project Pilot Survey

Mole Valley District Council were planning to introduce a recycling waste collection scheme and had decided to run a pilot scheme to test household issues and attitudes to the introduction in order to roll out the programme smoothly across the rest of the District. They had engaged Quantum PR to advise on customer communications issues and CMC Aust Marketing bid in partnership with Quantum PR to conduct pre and post pilot research to check on the customer experience. The pre and post pilot surveys consisted of a questionnaire delivered to all the pilot households plus a random telephone interview with 5% of householders. The results of the post pilot survey - completed after three months of usage - were then compared with the pre pilot survey and recommendations given to the council about household attitudes, usage and good ideas about recycling. This information was used in PR and in advice to households as the scheme rolled out.

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